spice and ice_coverGreetings – this is my first blog post, and hopefully you’re here because you enjoy spicy cocktails, or maybe you just want to learn more about my first book, “Spice & Ice – 60 tongue-tingling cocktails,” which will be released by Chronicle Books in November 2009. Well, you asked for it…so here goes!
Some very exciting things have been going on. For starters, the Spice & Ice book is moving closer to becoming a reality. It now has a snazzy cover (and here it is!) and you can even pre-order it on Amazon, although it won’t be hitting bookstores for a few more months.
Thanks to the good folks at Chronicle, I also have a stack of recipe cards featuring the “Blackberry-Poblano Margarita,” including a luscious photo of the drink. Please e-mail if you’d like one, or even better if you’d like a bunch of them to give out at an event.
Please feel free to share this blog with others who love spicy drinks and all things cocktail!
Please also feel free to ask questions here about cocktails, spicy or otherwise. This is one of my favorite topics and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone who does!

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