Top 10 Social Media Sources For Imbibers

Inspired by this post on Mashable (Top 15 Social Media Sources For Foodies), I’ve put together my own list of top beverage resources – feel free to agree, disagree, or add to the list below!

  1. Natalie MacLean’s Drinks Matcher Widget. Love this tool, which tells you which wines and other drinks match best with Pop-Tarts (Cassis, in case you were wondering).
  2. eGullet’s Beverage & Libations message forums. My first stop when I’ve scored a bottle of Luxardo Maraschino but don’t know quite what to make with it.
  3.  Imbibe Unfiltered.  The official blog of Imbibe Magazine. Luscious photos and other food porn for the beverage junkie set.
  4.  The Cocktail Chronicles. Paul Clarke’s blog has a certain gravitas; he makes you take every drink seriously (but not too seriously).
  5. Kalustyans. I don’t have a single go-to for cocktail stuff, but this Indian spice shop does mail-order of all kinds of bitters, exotic syrups and cordials, sugars and salts for rimming glasses – not to mention a wild array of dried and powdered hot peppers. If you’re in New York, it’s worth a visit if you don’t mind being happily, completely overwhelmed.
  6.  Astor Wines & Spirits. For any obscure wine or booze item, plus an easy hop over to Astor Center to see what’s new and cutting edge in the class list or blogs (and yes, every so often you’ll find me there)
  7. Small Screen Network. Not just because it features the likeable Robert Hess teaching us how to make classic cocktails, but also because you can mouse over the video and purchase that hawthorne strainer, or hey, you can click-n-buy Hess’s shirt!
  8. Jeffrey Morgenthaler. Amazingly informative. Worth it for the “How to Write A Bartender Resume” tutorial alone. 10 minutes with this blog and you feel like you know everyone in the industry.
  9.  Museum of the American Cocktail. The tech set-up is painfully old school and one wrong click gets you a pageful of HTML code. Still, MOTAC is one of the best places to keep up with the latest industry news. Go to the blog and subscribe to the weekly news update (and then tell me how you did it!)
  10. For bartender books, barware…I feel like such a sell-out listing one of the big guys, but where else can you find 100+ kinds of swizzle sticks?

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