We’re All Famous For 15 Minutes

There are definitely certain perks to covering the booze beat.  One of them is having a drink named after you.

Working on a story about fall apple and pear cocktails, I walked into O’Neals’ on the Upper West Side one evening and requested a cocktail menu. “We don’t have that,” bartender Dave scoffed. “But tell me what you want, and I’ll make it.”

I requested “something with apples,” but not a dreaded apple martini. Ever the pro, Dave puzzled over the drink for all of a split second, and quickly came up with the main ingredient: Calvados brandy, which I love. A pour of this, a splash of that, a quick go-round in a silver shaker, and it was all done.

“Do you like it?” Dave asked. Absolutely. It was very strong, almost medicinal like a drink with bitters, but the aftertaste was mellow, fruity and pleasant. Definitely a winner in my book.

“What’s your name?” I told him. “We’ll name it after you,” he said.

While I bet he says that to all the girls, I’m still psyched to have my own cocktail, and a damn good one, too. I dare you to go to O’Neals’ and order it by name.

“The Kara” Cocktail

 2 parts Calvados brandy

1 part vodka

Splash of Rose’s lime juice

Mix ingredients together, and pour into an Old-Fashioned glass, over ice. Garnish with a slice of fresh red apple.


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