Spice & Ice in The Washington Post!

If you haven’t already seen WaPo’s regular “iSpice” blog, penned by the lovely and talented Monica Bhide, you’re going to want to check it out. Each week, Monica writes about a different spice and how to use it to best advantage. This week, she’s focusing on cloves, and includes the Aperol Spice cocktail from Spice & Ice as a great example of how to showcase cloves in cocktails.

She made a great choice – the Aperol Spice is one of my favorite cocktails in the book.

The Aperol Spice

The Aperol Spice

 I love the rosy color, the sweet-bitter flavor, and the way mixing up a batch of cinnamon-clove syrup perfumes my entire apartment. Click here to read the article and get the drink recipe! 

(warning: WaPo includes calorie counts and other nutritional info with all their recipes, including this one. you may want to look away…)

Photo credit: Monica Bhide


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