Every glass is an opportunity

Whew. I’m beat. This has been one helluva week. But the stitches were removed yesterday (hooray!), and I spent a fascinating morning watching Junior Merino prepare drinks for a photo shoot. And tasting them all. You know it’s a good day when you’ve sampled five cocktails and it’s not yet noon…

But here’s the really interesting part:  there Junior is, mixing the drinks, making everything look perfect (remember, this is for a photo shoot). And then, I hear him ask:

“Is there a tasting glass?”

I shot him a quizzical look, and asked, “Why would you need one if these drinks are for photographing, not for drinking?”

“Everyone will drink it here,” he replied, simply. And sure enough, after surviving the camera’s critical eye, it was a matter of seconds before everyone on the set dipped a spoon or a straw into the cocktail, and every drink after that too. And we all compared notes, picked favorites, and probably everyone left and continued talking about Junior’s cocktail creations.

It’s a valuable lesson:  every glass is an opportunity.  This is something I need to internalize as I get out on the road and start making drinks for Spice & Ice.  Any glass made for a demo should be handed off to someone to drink — and that means it better be made right.


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