Vote now: Bartender vs. Barista Chic

It’s easy to spot the off-duty bartenders waiting in the airport for the New Orleans-bound plane to Tales of the Cocktail — they’re the ones sporting fedoras, vests, suspenders, and the occasional tattoo. They look mighty sharp. And that goes double when they’re on duty behind the bar.

Baristas, on the other hand, are not generally known for sartorial flair — the uniform is somewhere between the Starbucks baseball-cap and indie coffee shop grunge. 


Stumptown barista

But then, Stumptown came to New York, flaunting fedoras and vests, and yes, the occasional ink.

They look young and hip…and kinda like mixologists. I predict a new “barista chic” will creep into coffee shops across Gotham, and soon. 

So my question to you is — will they give bartenders a run for the money? Place your bet for the sartorial smackdown below! You’ll see the latest results as soon as you vote.


photo credit: The New York Times


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