Shameless promotion alert: Spice & Ice in the news

Spice & Ice has been racking up reviews and media mentions over the last couple of weeks. Rather than post them one by one, here’s a quick digest of some of my favorites.

The Journal News, my hometown paper, wrote a “local girl makes good” story — and thank goodness, not one “spice girl” reference! Better still, they put together this hilarious video, bloopers and all, hosted by the charming Liz Johnson of Small Bites.

Meanwhile, Restaurants & Institutions magazine investigated how spicy cocktails are heating up bar menus. Look for some amazing bartender recipes here. I can’t wait to try out the “Akasin Fizz” from Benjy’s Houston. Two words: Shichimi togarashi! (it’s a Japanese spice mixture.)

Popular booze blog Alcademics reviewed Spice & Ice (“The book has a good balance of easy-to-adapt drinks that you know with interesting-sounding ones that you don’t.”). He’s hosting an awesome book giveaway too, so click over and enter the contest. Cheers Magazine reviewed the book  too in their Bookshelf column (“Spicy is hot, both in the mouth and as a flavor trend… Spice & Ice is sure to heat up the bar.”) 

But my all-time favorite review is from Canada’s You’ll see why in this excerpt:

 “I’m confident this beautiful little drink book, with its novel recipes and lovely photography, would be a welcome addition to the collection of any bartender or drink enthusiast that is ready to experience something new and exciting.” Wow! You can read the full review here.

Okay, enough shameless promotion for now.  But in the event you can actually stomach one more promo, mark your calendar for Friday, Nov. 6, when I’ll be live on the Martha Stewart “Everyday Food” radio show on Sirius. Yes, that’s right….I’m showing…how to make drinks…on the radio. I guess this will be one situation where I’ll need to flip the old maxim about “show, don’t tell.”


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