Spice & Ice in the WaPo spirits column!

A quick brag, and a heads up for next week:

Spice & Ice was featured in the Washington Post’s spirits column (Doctored with pepper, by Jason Wilson)! 

This is a very big deal…not just because of the considerable space devoted to the book, but also because Wilson clearly took the time to experiment with many, many recipes from the book…and because he still says outright that he “enjoyed the book” (whew!), and that the ideas in the book “pushed me in new directions.” Wilson has a reputation as a particularly harsh critic, so I consider this high praise indeed.  I don’t think I breathed until I finished reading the column!

Check out also what he did with the Zapple recipe from the book; it’s an interesting adaptation.

And a quick heads-up:  on Monday, December 14, I’ll be on the Hot Grease show with Nicole Taylor, on the Heritage Radio Network. You can listen live or catch the archived version online. Nicole is all about the “good food movement,” so in addition to talking about Spice & Ice, expect to hear also about how the movement extends to cocktails.


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