YumYumPanda experiments with The Fiery Almond

I love seeing other people make the drinks from Spice & Ice. Check out what the folks over at YumYumPanda did with The Fiery Almond cocktail!  Be sure to check out the nifty photo gallery/slide show of their drink-making photos.

I especially love that A) they tweaked the drink to accommodate the ingredients they had on hand, and B) that they experimented with both light and heavy cream for the cream float on the drink (the latter looks rather like an ice-cream soda, don’t you think?) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  recipes are just guidelines, not hard-and fast rules. Well done, YumYumPanda!

Photo credit: YumYumPanda


One thought on “YumYumPanda experiments with The Fiery Almond

  1. thanks for the lovely comments! we had a blast making and enjoying the fiery almond – chipotle powder is now on my christmas wishlist 🙂 have a happy holidays!

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