Top 5 blog posts from 2009

Although this blog has been in existence for about six months (not a full year), already it’s become clear which posts have been most read (two words: drink recipes!) and most commented upon (more opinionated posts). Expect more of both in 2010. 

Here are the five most-read posts from this blog over the course of 2009:

#1. Hot Stuff: Habanero Simple Syrup – A step-by-step tutorial, with photos. And a post featuring this ingredient, The Dragonfire Cocktail, clocks in around #15 on the most-read list.

#2.  The “Hot Bartender” Syndrome – Should bars be allowed to advertise for “hot female bartenders”?  (Note – this post includes one of my all-time favorite comments:  “Big boobs do not really help me enjoy a crappy cocktail.”  Hear, hear!)

#3. How to become a regular – Like free drinks? Then you need to become a “regular” at your favorite bar. Here’s how.

#4. All about cocktail ice in Food Arts – A wrap-up of one of the hottest trends in the cocktail world: ice.

#5. Drink Recipe: The Fiery Almond – Consensus seems to be that this is among everyone’s favorite cocktails from the Spice & Ice book!


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