Endlessly awesome: new things to put in your drink in 2010

The endlessly awesome blog Endless Simmer put together a must-read drink trends list, “Top 10 New Things To Put in Your Drink in 2010.”  Some fabulous ideas here for those who love bold and brazen cocktails, including:

Saffron (Spiced ice! ’nuff said.)

Mole – especially in the form of those lovely Xocolatl Mole Bitters from Bittermen’s.

Sriracha – a very cool idea, and one I’ve not yet tried. Personally, I think the texture of Sriracha is a little thick and ketchup-y for cocktails, but what the hell, it’s worth a shot.  And I’m forever indebted for the link to a how-to on making your own sriracha from scratch. Swoon.

Chinese Five Spice – the ultimate for glass rims and syrup infusions. Although I say why stop at five spices?

Smoked Coke – We’re going to be seeing a lot more in the way of smoky flavors in the year ahead. Just ask Ryan Maybee about the Smokin’ Choke.


5 thoughts on “Endlessly awesome: new things to put in your drink in 2010

  1. I have seen Chinese 5 Spice syrup being used in recipes (easy to make). As for Sriracha, it’s used as a dash so thickness won’t matter too much (I’ve only had Tabasco and Hellfire Bitters in drinks though). And one of the restaurant bars around here makes a drink with saffron gin (which the head bartender does not mind making because the infusion is pretty instantaneous and there’s not much to strain out).

    • Thanks for the comment! Ah, that makes a lot of sense about Sriracha, if you’re only adding a dash. I guess a few good shakes and it would all dissolve nicely!

    • I think tequila sounds like a great combo with sriracha, or any hot sauce for that matter. If you wanted to push the envelope, maybe use a spirit like cachaca or white whiskey?

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