Drinks at the Brigidarium

I love watching other people make cocktails from Spice & Ice. It’s fascinating to see how people tweak the recipes to suit their taste or the occasion, plus it just makes me feel like I’ve contributed to the universe in some small way when I see the drinks make others happy.

So of course it took me all of 2 seconds to say “yes” when foodie friend Meryl Rosofsky invited me to a party where Spice & Ice cocktails would be on the menu, along with luscious delicacies like bacon-wrapped apricots to nibble. Meryl had given a copy of the book to her friend, Brigid Pearson, and gracious Brigid didn’t seem to mind my crashing the party at “The Brigidarium.”

Her drinks were fabulous. Below are a couple of snaps I took. There’s also a full account on Brigid’s blog (Feb 6 entry). 

Brigid makes a Blueberry Lemon-Pepper Martini

Don’t you love the pattern on the wall? She painted it herself…clearly a woman of many talents.



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