A little news, and an invitation

I know, I’ve been awfully quiet over here for about a week or so. Lots going on behind the scenes, as usual.

First – I’m now blogging about wine over at Serious Eats. You can view my first two posts, on unusual white wine varietals, and the great wine bargain that is sherry.  No, I haven’t given up on the wonderful world of cocktails and spirits, but I’m viewing this as a great opportunity to learn more about wine.  Unfortunately, a weekly commitment to the Serious Grape column means I have a bit less time to blog over here.

Second – To show how much I have not given up on cockails, especially spicy ones, I’m organizing a virtual Spice & Ice cocktail party!  Keep an eye out for bloggers who will be making drinks from the book, and reporting back their experiences on their respective blogs, some with photos or videos. I have to credit my friend Monica Bhide with conceiving the idea of a “virtual potluck” to promote her fabulous Indian cookbook Modern Spice.  And this will have a few fun twists unique to the cocktail universe….

I already have quite a few cocktailians, food writers, authors, bloggers, and others involved in the event, but there are still some spots open.  If you’d like to get involved email me (Kara DOT Newman AT yahoo DOT com) – the more the merrier!


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