Dr. by Day, Cocktailian by Night

Serendipity is one of the best parts of the blogosphere.

Great example:  earlier this week, I received a kind comment from the blogger behind Dr. By Day, about the Dragonfire cocktail.  “Very nice,” he wrote. “I was looking for a decent protocol for handling habañero’s [sic].”  

In real life, the odds of Dr. By Day and I meeting are slim at best; it’s hard to gather the details from his blog, but it appears that he’s a Los Angeles-based PhD candidate studying chemistry, and cocktail enthusiast with a tolerance for the spicy stuff.  But thanks to the wonder of the online world, he has access to my cocktail library, and I have access to his.

And though limited, what a fun library it is. He’s got a great instinct for concocting drink recipes as well as drink photography – take a look at his ginger-y Oh Snap, the jalapeno-spiked Amoxicillin (yep, he’s entrenched in the medical world), and especially, the beautiful Red Queen, made with London dry gin, Peychaud’s bitters, peppercorn simple syrup, and fresh basil leaves.  Seriously, that photo looks like a blossoming rose.

photo credit: Dr. By Day

I suppose it makes sense that cocktailing and chemistry would intersect. And it makes me happy that clear across the country, some giddy, over-tired student sees inspiration to make habanero-infused simple syrup as a great excuse to steal gloves from the lab. You go, Dr. By Day!


3 thoughts on “Dr. by Day, Cocktailian by Night

  1. So refreshing to find nice people on the internet. Nice mixologists on the internet? A definite plus.
    Thank you so much for the write-up AND the habañero recipe. It’s in the fridge and I can’t wait to try my hand at a spicy rye old-fashioned!

    • Hi Chris! What can I say, cocktail types are some of my favorite people.

      Good luck with the hab syrup recipe. I’d be curious to hear what you think, I’m always looking for ways to improve recipes.

      • It’s up!

        Also, curious to know if you’re going to the Whiskeys of the World expo. It’d be a pleasure to meet’cha.

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