Spice & Ice virtual cocktail party, part 1

Welcome to the party!

I’ve invited a dynamic group of bloggers, cocktailians, food/drink writers, and authors to make a drink from Spice & Ice and “bring it to the party” on their respective blogs, and mine.  Credit for this idea goes to Modern Spice author Monica Bhide, who held her own “virtual potluck” a few months back (and who will be one of the party guests here as well). 

Check back over the next couple of weeks as party-goers share their stories and photos. I’ve also encouraged everyone to tweak recipes as they see fit.  Meet the first group below — and I encourage you to click through to read the full posts on the individual sites — such wonderful stories!  So pour yourself a drink, and join the party…

Fall Spice Cordial:  “So, how does it taste? Intriguing and delightful! The acidity of the orange tempers the sweet caramel notes of the bourbon; and the hint of chipotle provides a rather addictive bit of warmth on the finish. Simply put, it makes you want to take another sip – and that’s the sure sign of a well-crafted cocktail. I loved it and you will too!” Diva on a Diet / Beach Eats    

Dragonfire Cocktail:  “For over a week I was surrounded by dragons. My neighborhood, on the edges of NYC’s Chinatown, was in the midst of Chinese New Year celebrations. …So it was only natural that for the virtual cocktail party I’d make the Dragonfire Cocktail. 

The verdict: Hot stuff, but not overly so. This is a potent drink, yet it was smooth to drink… I enjoyed the lingering taste of jalapeno, lime and orange. The copious amounts (for me) of tequila acted as a potent sleeping elixir. Even if a real dragon had passed by my window that night, I’m certain I wouldn’t have heard it.”  –The Busy Hedonist 

Sparkling Ginger Daisy:   “The drink is not-too-sweet, with a lovely bite. The unexpected pairing of gin and ginger works beautifully and the grenadine adds colour to an otherwise pale beverage. I’m not usually a champagne girl, but the added fizz is perfect in this cocktail. I can see Sparkling Ginger Daisies becoming a summertime drink I could like a little too much.”  – Charmian Christie

Red Dawn:  “This drink is not your mother’s Bloody Mary… The Red Dawn cocktail gives you the familiar flavor profile that you love in a Bloody Mary and it’s frightfully easy to make. One ingredient that pulls it all together is Harissa.  Harissa is a Moroccan chili paste whose components easily replace the traditional tabasco, lemon juice, worcestershire, and celery salt combination that is normally found in a Bloody Mary. 

But please do not take my word for it.  You’ve got to try this drink for yourself.”  —Heather Jones, Project Foodie

10 thoughts on “Spice & Ice virtual cocktail party, part 1

    • Thanks Charmian! I love what you did with the ginger daisy, and such a sweet story about your sister’s engagement too.

  1. I second Charmian! And … what a way to go!

    Great round up, Kara, I’m looking forward to checking out the other offerings. The Red Dawn has been calling my name since I first cracked the book! I’ll bet its outstanding. 🙂

    • Ms. Diva – if you try the Red Dawn, check out the salt-and-pepper glass rim that Heather Jones added to her drink. What a great touch she added!

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