Spice & Ice virtual cocktail party, part 2

The party continues, as a dynamic group of bloggers, cocktailians, food/drink writers, and authors make drinks from Spice & Ice and “bring it to the party” on their respective blogs, and mine.  Once again, please click through to read the full stories behind each drink.

This group of partyers has more cocktailian leanings than the last. In fact, very few were able to resist the temptation to tinker with the drink recipes –which is fine by me, and frankly, was encouraged!   The photos are a treat too, ranging from luscious to ethereal to downright hilarious (thanks for the drawing, Dr. Bamboo). Let’s see what they’ve brought to the party:

Blood Orange-Jalapeno Margarita:  “To summarize, the Blood Orange-Jalapeno Margarita is damn good.  You can tailor it to fit your heat tolerance and I think it would pair really well with a nice salty snack or some good southwestern food.  This is definitely a recipe I’ll be mixing up again.”  —Cocktail Hacker

Sparkling Ginger Daisy: “The original was good, but I was sure I could take it apart and pull together an all-new remix, so I set about doing just that… Light and refreshing, it is a straight-forward take on the daisy. Mine requires a bit more work, but I think making the two side-by-side is a fun experience—especially with a full bottle of sparkling wine to finish.” —Marleigh Riggins Miller, SLOSHED!

Rhubarb Cooler:  “I received a copy of Kara’s book last week and immediately found the recipe that I wanted to make: The Rhubarb Cooler. Turns out, rhubarb is ridicuously hard to find in the winter. Perhaps that’s why Kara placed this recipe in the “Spring” section of her book, but I was set on making a rhubarb cocktail.

Luckily, I found rhubarb yesterday and promptly set out to make the Rhubarb cooler this morning. I mean afternoon.” — GirlyDrinks

Dragonfire Cocktail/Drago Amaro:  “The first change I made was to swap in some Sriracha for the jalapeno. Documenting my love for Sriracha would require an entire post of its own…What I ended up with is shown below. You can drink it anytime, but given the provenance of its ingredients, it’s probably best enjoyed while watching a Fellini movie. In a Asian restaurant. With Salma Hayek.” —Dr. Bamboo

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