Spice & Ice virtual cocktail party, part 3

The party continues, as a dynamic group of bloggers, cocktailians, food/drink writers, and authors make drinks from Spice & Ice and “bring it to the party” on their respective blogs, and mine.  Once again, please click through to read the full stories behind each drink.

Some participants from the group took the “virtual cocktail party” even further….hosting real-life parties. Which I totally endorse. Take a look:

The Produce Stand:  “It went perfectly with all the freshly bronzed bodies running around. With fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, and lime, you get a mouthful of summer in every sip.” —Judy Bennett 

Blood Orange-Jalapeno Margarita:  “This is a recipe with a little leeway: Spicy/mellow, tart/sweet – play with it and see what works best for you.  The resulting drink had a robust but balanced mixture of flavors. I could feel the heat of the jalapeño, but even at extra-strength, it wasn’t overpowering and blended nicely with the bright, fresh taste of the citrus juice. It would make a great accompaniment to a meal – with the very first sip, I found myself craving Mexican food.” — Nora Maynard, The Kitchn

Sparkling Ginger Daisy:  “I made this zippy cocktail to start off a Friday night with two close friends, who both loved the mix of ginger and bubbles sparkling together.  It made an ordinary Friday night seem downright festive!” —Sweet Blog o’ Mine 

Spiced Iced Tea:  “I have read the book cover to cover and tried several recipes all of which are a hit in our house. Specifically what I love about them is that Kara has taken utmost care that the drinks taste like drinks and not science experiments! After all the joy of a cocktail is that it should be fun and satisfying and yet have a bit of a surprise in each sip and her drinks fall under that category.” —Monica Bhide, author of Modern Spice 

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