Spice & Ice virtual cocktail party, part 4

Every party – including the virtual variety! – has a few late stragglers, those who arrive fashionably, even fabulously, late.  But I think you’ll agree these divas are worth the wait. Taetopia treats us to a particularly memorable blog entry written from the point of view of the drink, (Oh my. Every time I read this one, it gets a little bit funnier!)  while Big Night In author Domenica Marchetti shows us how to do cocktails at home, Oscar style. Welcome to the party, we’re so glad you’re here!

This is the final installment in the party, as a dynamic group of bloggers, cocktailians, food/drink writers, and authors make drinks from Spice & Ice and “bring it to the party” on their respective blogs, and mine. Please click through to read the full stories behind each drink, and thanks for joining the party!

Blackberry-Poblano Margarita:  “Kara, daaaahling, I’m so sorry I’m late. Yes, yes, I know the party started eons ago, but my dear Felix absolutely insisted I stop by the market to pick up some blackberries for my perfume. The scent drives him wild with passion, and you know I simply can not deny him anything…Your book party is a smashing success, my dear! I haven’t seen so many well-dressed peppers in one place since my cotillion.” —Taetopia

Red Dawn:  “The amount of harissa specified is 1/2 teaspoon, but in the headnote to her recipe, Kara throws down this glove: ‘Masochist alert: double the amount of harissa if you dare!’  Which, of course I did.  The full teaspoon turned out to be just the right amount for this jaded palate; in fact, I may even kick it up a little more next time. The drink was sharp, savory, and yet refreshing.” —Domenica Marchetti, author of Big Night In

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