Tad Carducci is making the world’s hottest cocktail!

I thought that might get your attention.  Yes, it’s true:  Tippling Brother Tad Carducci has officially embarked on a mission to create “the world’s hottest cocktail.” He’s still working on it, so he can’t (won’t?) tell me what’s in it yet, nor did he tell an Associated Press reporter working on a story about spicy cocktails, who I pointed in his direction. However, he did tell her that “it will contain six different chiles, from somewhat mild to incendiary,” and that would-be imbibers will need to sign a waiver before drinking.

But most important of all? It will still be balanced, flavorful, and tasty. Coming from a guy who likes to blow-torch chile sugar on top of a drink to spicy creme-brulee perfection, I look forward to the finished libation, which should be out in time for Cinco de Mayo (May 5 to all you gringos).  Are you brave enough to get in line to try the world’s spiciest cocktail?


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