The top 5 most-read posts on my blog, ever. And the winner is…

Have you entered the Spice & Ice blog-iversary giveaway contest yet?  Click to it – winners announced on June 30!

In the meantime, I’m taking a nostalgic look back at the top five posts (by page views) over the past year. In reverse order, they are…

5. Let’s Get Pickled:  Kimchi Cocktails  Luckly, more people were intrigued than horrified by this saucy innovation.

4.  Cocktailing:  Why Brooklyn wishes it was Portland  An IACP post-mortem, with emphasis on Portland’s thriving cocktail culture….and scans of purloined cocktail menus. (shhhh!)

3.  5 Things That DO NOT Belong in Cocktails  This is one of my personal favorites, so I’m glad others enjoyed it too.

2.  Hot Stuff:  Habanero Simple Syrup   A step-by-step pictorial guide to making a chile pepper-infused simple syrup.

and the number one most-read post is….

1.  Winner of the Bloody Mary Olympics  A review of a recent Bloody Mary cocktail contest – and a recipe for the winning drink!


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