Drink Recipe: Electric Champagne

If you have champers left over from New Year’s Eve, here is a fun way to torment your friends  enjoy it.

You remember Sechuan Buttons, don’t you? They had a bit of buzz (pun intended!) going a couple of years back.  Esquire Magazine dubbed them the “2007 Cooking Ingredient of the Year.” StarChefs awarded Koppert Cress, who grows and sells  the little yellow buds, a 2008 “Techology and Innovation Award.”  Ferran Adria was an early adopter, using the buttons in a palate-cleansing “electric milk.” 

And in the mixology world, there was that darn Electriquila drink, a margarita-like drink rimmed with a mix of salt & Sechuan buttons, often mistakenly called the Electric Eel. (It’s still on Haru’s “Shocktail” menu.)

In the spirit of the Oscars, the award for Best Description of  the Sechuan Button Experience goes to…NY Barfly:  “like biting down on a jalapeno while brushing your teeth with the vibrating toothbrush on high.”

Just when we’d nearly forgotten those little electric buttons, and even Adria is taking a hiatus, the Electric Champagne recipe below crossed my radar screen.  Though the recipe needed to be rewritten because it omitted, oh, actual instructions, this is surely an innovative use of  any bubbly left from holiday celebrations. 

Electric Champagne 
Courtesy of Koppert Cress
4 Koppert Cress Sechuan Buttons
Champagne or other sparkling wine
1 Ripe strawberry, sliced
Cut a small slit in each strawberry slice. Crumble the Sechuan Button’s yellow petals and dredge a  strawberry slice to coat. Perch the slice on the edge of a Champagne flute. Fill glass with sparkling wine.  Ask your guests to nibble their “electric strawberries,” feel the tingle, and enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Drink Recipe: Electric Champagne

    • wow – great find on the site. I’m going to dream about the “ice cream tulips” tonight….though the “mixologist sampler” (sechuan buttons, shiso leaves) made me laugh.

  1. You’re right – they are maddeningly difficult for most people to get. You could try:

    1. Asking a specialty store that carries microgreens to place an order for you.

    2. Order direct from Sun Grown Organic Distributors: http://www.sungrownorganics.com. They don’t do online orders, you have to call 800-995-7776 to place an order.

    3. Ask Koppert Cress who sells them near you. [Their website says: To find Koppert Cress Micro-Greens, Micro-Vegetables & Specialties at distributors near you, contact us via email at info.usa@koppertcress.com, by phone at 516-437-5700 or by fax at 516-437-5703.]

    If anyone from Koppert is reading this – your online order form doesn’t work!

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