Spice & Ice featured on Examiner.com

Sometimes it pays to be patient. And sometimes it pays to forget all about an interview you did over a year ago, and then you receive a pleasant surprise.  The latter is the case with the lovely Q&A running on Examiner.com:  Kara Newman finds the balance in creating a spicy cocktail.

There’s a long, but sweet story behind the delay. I became a fan of Kat Neves’s “Diary of a Bartender” blog about a year ago – she wrote hilarious, informative behind-the-stick stories, such as How To Keep Your Cool Behind The Bar and “You’re Cutting Me Off?” Most of these tales became part of her Bartender Examiner Column.

But somwhere along the line, Kat changed careers to become an esthetician (which she also blogs about).  So between going back to school, getting licensed, and starting a new career, her bartending blog took a back seat for a while.

But now Kat is back, with a vengeance! In addition to her new career, she’s still blogging about bartending. I don’t know how she finds the time to do it all, but I’m sure glad that she does!


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