Adventures in Jalapeno Vodka

photo credit: Raptor Toe

I’ve been enjoying the adventures in jalapeno-infused vodka over at the Raptor Toe blog , and I thought I’d share some of the magic over here. Click on the links to read the posts.

Part 1:  Making Jalapeno-Infused Vodka. “Have I ever mentioned the problem with being a foodie that works for a gourmet food/equipment store? The endless, expensive, inspiration….”
Part 2:  Cocktails using jalapeno-infused vodkaNamely, the Bloody Mary-style “Jalapeno Caesar,” and the rainbow-hued “Jalapeno Sunrise.”  I love the black-salt glass rim on the Caesar.
Part 3:  Things NOT to do with jalapeno vodka.  Just scroll through the pictures. Oh, that poor guy…
Lesson:  Infusing jalapenos for a few hours, or overnight, is usually quite enough, thank you. Leaving chile peppers to infuse for a week or longer is just asking for trouble. That said, I really need to try making a Jalapeno Caesar.

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