A spiced spirit I can only dream about

This a curious coincidence.  Last week, I filed a Spirited Traveller post about spice-infused spirits in Mumbai, informed by insight from the high-spirited Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, a blogger, writer, and culinary expert based in Mumbai.

Most of the article is about the growing trend for Mumbai bartenders to infuse spirits — particularly vodka — with Indian and Southeast Asian flavours such as roasted cumin, kaffir lime leaves, or bird’s-eye chiles.

The day the article ran, I recieved an email from Rushina:  “I thought u might want to have a look see,” she wrote.

Indeed – it was a press release for Masala Mar Ke, a new product from U.S. vodka maker Smirnoff, “with the added zing of tangy lemonade and fiery chaat masala.

It’s not sold in the U.S., and probably never will be. And I’m drooling over the prospect of getting my hands on a bottle, made more attractive by its sheer elusiveness.

Why do we always want what we can’t have?  If you’ve had a great bottle (or cocktail) overseas that you can’t get at home, please feel free to commiserate here. Misery loves company!


3 thoughts on “A spiced spirit I can only dream about

  1. Pacharan, the sloe berry liqueur from Spain is an absolute favorite. My folks first had it in Spain and brought back a bottle. It’s this gorgeous maroon hue and tastes like spiced plums. wd-50 used to have a cocktail made with the stuff after Wylie smuggled a bottle home, and a few years ago El Quinto Pino used it in place of creme de cassis. It’s not totally unavailable in the states, but on last check I only found 2 or 3 retailers, and even then the brands available weren’t so great.

  2. Have you tried Averell Damson Plum Liqueur? I wonder if it might be close to that sloe berry liqueur you remember, although it might not have that lovely spiced quality you describe.

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