Interview with me featured on Drinking Diaries today

I’m honored to be featured on Drinking Diaries today. If you’re not already a reader, I encourage you to head on over and bookmark the site — I’m a longtime reader myself. The site is full of smart, deeply honest writing about women and drinking. Some of the content (like, um, my Q&A) celebrates the tippling life. But the creators of the blog, Caren Osten Gerzberg and Leah Odze Epstein, don’t shy away from the darker topics, like binge drinking and alcoholism. There’s a lot of thoughtful truth-telling on this site, from a wide variety of voices.

Caren and Leah also have a Drinking Diaries book coming out soon, appropriately subtitled “Women Serve Their Stories Straight Up.” 

I’m especially tickled to be featured on the Drinking Diaries site because, as one of the few venues to publish provocative personal essays about topics like parenting and drinking, it was one of the outlets that inspired me to create the Drink.Think reading series. After taking a hiatus, I’m planning to revive Drink.Think this fall (shhh…you’re the first to know!). And I’m hoping to persuade Caren and Leah to come read from their shiny new book at Drink.Think.  After all, that’s the kind of symmetry that can really inspire me to raise my glass.

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