Historic Hotel Bar Cheat Sheet

I’ve always had an attraction to hotel bars with history.  It’s almost like going to a museum, with cocktails. In addition to great drinks, the best places (like Peacock Alley inside the Waldorf Astoria) also have great architecture and well-preserved details like a chiming clock in the center of the lobby — and fabulously old-school bartenders who can spin a tale as well as shake a drink.  With all those elements in place, it’s practically a time machine.

Those are the bars I sought out when setting the agenda for my Historic Hotel Bars & Restaurants walking tour, which I’m doing again next week for the 92nd St. Y Tribeca. (It may be full now, I’m not sure.) 

For fun, I pulled together a “cheat sheet” of hotel bars I tried out for the tour (see image below – click on it and it should open up to full, easy-reading size). Anything that didn’t rate a triple ‘YES”  (if not a “HELL YES!”) wasn’t even considered for the walking tour. And of course, some tri-Y’s were sadly out of walking distance.

A disclaimer:  this is something I created for (my) entertainment purposes, and represents my opinions and sometimes cloudy and/or boozy recollections. It’s not even close to a complete list of all historic bars in the city.  Take this as gospel at your own risk. 

And an invitation:  if you have other historic or semi-historic hotel bars to suggest adding to this list, I’m happy to give  ’em a go and if I have enough to add, I’ll post an update to this list. Enjoy!

shhh…second date for 92Y hotel bar tour

The good news:  Time Out New York wrote up Thursday’s Historic Hotel Bars & Restaurants walking tour, hosted by the 92nd St Y Tribeca. I’m genuinely excited to be leading this tour. I’ve  long been a fan of hotel bars (just ask my college buddy Caroline – I always drag her to one when we go out!). And there are so many wonderful stories, hidden bar spaces, and cocktails I’m looking forward to sharing on the tour.

The bad news:  The April 15 tour is full. (sorry!)  but…

The really good news:  The tour will be repeated on June 15, and there’s still plenty of room on that date. Click here and sign up now!