Scenes from San Francisco

I’m wrapping up a busy week in the Bay area — here are some quick snaps and stories to share.

Chronicle Books Store

The Chronicle Books Store - I didn't realize my publisher had standalone stores - very cool.

Book Display

The drinks books display at the Chronicle Books store. Spice & Ice, baby!


Visiting with the dapper Tim Stookey at Presidio Social Club. What a fabulous, old-world vibe the place has. So does Tim, don't you think?

Presidio 2

Tim made this lovely "Hoop-La" aperitif. I think it was equal parts gin, brandy, and Lillet.

Presidio 3

Check out the stainless steel apothecary cabinets lining the back bar (did I mention that marble bar top is 35 feet long?) And what's that splash of hot pink in the cabinet with the antique bar books and bottles? Spice & Ice, baby!


The effervescent Celia Sacks, owner of Omnivore Books. What an amazing bookstore.

Omnivore 2

Celia's collection of 1930s miniature liquor bottles, above the wine & spirits book display.