Chalk Talk (or, “you had me at tasty salted pig parts”)

Let’s face it – no matter how fabulous the food or drinks, sometimes it still can be challenging to get people in the door. So many bars and restaurants resort to those stand-up chalkboards outside the door to entice with humor, mouth-watering description, and the occasional profanity. Here are some of my recent favorites:

Does Tapas + Lunch = Lapas? or Trunch? One more round of sangria, and no one will care.

You had me at "Tasty Salted Pig Parts."

What I love most about this one is that it was in full view of the cupcake truck parked right across the street.

This "sidewalk talker" is suspended from the wall outside Wildwood BBQ on Park Ave. The message isn't so remarkable...

...until I spotted the tiny "beer" printed in the corner. Talk about burying the lede!