Rock on, Rock and Rye!

My essay on Rock and Rye is in the November 2012 issue of Saveur magazine. You can read it here, or see a recipe for DIY Rock and Rye.

But there was so much more that didn’t make it into the article. For example, the numerous tipsy little ditties that pay homage to the sweet-and-spiced whiskey-based libation. My favorite is  Tex Ritter’s 1948 country music song, with these lyrics:

When there’s worry on your mind, here’s what you should try

Go to bed and rest your head and take some Rock and Rye.

It’s a light-hearted song accented by the clink of ice in glasses, and quickly deteriorates into slurring and hiccups. A word of warning:  it’s awfully catchy. Listen more than once, and you’ll be singing this for days.

Here’s a playlist to enjoy while sipping your Rock & Rye.

Rock & Rye, Tex Ritter  (yeah, that’s the late John Ritter’s dad)

Rock & Rye, Earl Hines & His Orchestra

Rock & Rye, Charlie Spand

Rock and Rye Polka, Polka Dots Polka Band

Rock & Rye Rag, Al Dexter (track #9)