How much do YOU know about the secret financial life of your food?

My new book, The Secret Financial Life of Food: from commodities markets to supermarkets, officially drops on November 20. Still a few weeks away (sigh). In the meantime, the folks at Columbia University Press have put together a light-hearted quiz to help reinforce some of the concepts in the book.

Take a look….How much do YOU know about the secret financial life of your food? Test your knowledge with this fun 10-question quiz!

Take this quiz: is it perfume or hooch?

It’s no secret that aroma counts for a lot in enjoying spirits. And it’s no secret that many spirits bottles resemble perfume flagons. But the line between liquor and perfume is getting awfully blurry. Don’t believe me? Take this little quiz. Is it perfume or hooch?
Example 1:  Is it perfume or hooch?

Eau de Robideau

Answer:  HOOCH!  This pretty flask, full of Scotch, was passed around at a recent Women & Whiskey event, and we were encouraged to spray it on our wrists. It smelled sweet and Bourbon-like, with woodsy and fig-like notes.

Example 2:  Is it perfume or hooch?

Suntory spritzers

Answer:  HOOCH! This is whiskey again. These little perfume spritzers were given out to journalists at a Suntory whiskey launch. But we were asked to spray it into glasses for sniffing the aroma, not encouraged to spray it on ourselves. (Note – atomizers could be a great way to do an absinthe “rinse” for Sazeracs.)

Example 3:  Is it perfume or hooch?

Fresh Sake

Answer:  PERFUME!  Sold at Sephora, folks.

Want more proof? Jump over to the informative Cocktails & Cologne blog to read about the new arrangement between perfumer Roja Dove and Macallan whiskey.

So…how long before someone comes out with a truly potable perfume? Or a spirit meant to spritzed on without leaving you smelling like a sticky Manhattan? Gin seems to be taking on an increasingly floral cast — that gets my vote for most likely to cross the perfume/hooch frontier once and for all.